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Durham Board of Education - Example Costs Savings

Making changes to your system for energy conservation could also result in significant cost savings.  Working with the Durham Board of Education on their energy reduction efforts resulted in the energy and cost savings outlined below.  An agreement was made with the Durham Board that conservation designs could be developed and implemented in their schools and if they were not satisfied with the outcome, that their systems would be returned to their exact, original design.  The payback of this investment was less than one year and the Durham Board quickly became known as the most efficient board in the Province.  Calculating these savings over the last 25 years since the changes were implemented, these buildings could have saved over $1.3 million.  

Key Benefits

Significant Energy Savings
Significant Cost Savings
Often, Improved Occupant Comfort
Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions

Energy Use (KWh)

Year Prior to Change

Energy Use (KWh)

Year Following Change

Cost Savings

by Source


Costs Savings

Electric   Fuel     Electric    Fuel     Electric   Fuel  
Administration Building 575,040 767,690 469,120 597,192 105,920 170,498 $4,641
General Vanier Secondary School 1,847,200 4,584,768 1,520,720 4,127,945 326,480 456,823 $13,480
Henry Street High School* 1,049,916 2,772,563 961,263 2,671,423 88,653 101,138 $3,385
O'Neil CVI 949,025 2,294,845 886,925 2,236,678 62,100 58,167 $2,219
Dunbarton High School 1,686,500 3,376,841 1,586.086 3,001,606 100,414 375,235 $6,962
G.L. Roberts High School 1,129,996 2,433,187 1,001,192 1,338,622 128,804 896,565 $13,914
Southwood Park Public School 820,080   -        554,640 -         265,440 -       $6,503

*Changes were in effect for 3 months.

Dollar values are in 1981 fuel costs.

Total Savings $51,104
Total Cost $42,340
Payback = 8 months, 1 week

-Administration Building and Henry Street High School use multizone systems
-Southwood Park Public School uses electric baseboard and electric reheat
-General Vanier Secondary School, O'Neill CVI and Dunbarton High School have a variety of fan systems, but no multizone systems
-G.L. Roberts High School was VAV with perimeter heating only controlled via indoor/outdoor reset from one main valve 


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