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Former Scarborough Board of Education - Example Costs Savings

The former Scarborough Board of Education also had APS implement energy conservation systems in several of their schools and enjoyed the savings outlined in the following chart.

Key Benefits

Significant Energy Savings
Significant Cost Savings
Often, Improved Occupant Comfort
Reduction in Green House Gas Emissions



1979 Utility Costs


Utility Savings

Total Savings

Improvement Cost

Payback (year)

Electric  Gas  Oil Electric Gas  Oil
Military Trail Jr. Public School 11,217 9,863 1,758 2,315 -     4,073 4,072 1
Jack Miner Public School 15,059 14,338 2,010 2,194 -     4,204 3,287 0.8
Alexmuir Jr. Public School 10,285 7,308 1,898 1,617 -     3,515 2,699 0.8
Silver Springs Public School 7,835 6,425 - 2,151 1,822 -     3,973 1,943 0.5
Wendell Statton Sr. Public School 14,684 10,221 16,463 2,489 4,415 3,210 10,114 5,300 0.5
Timberbank Public School 10,499 8,142 1,740 1,044 -     2,784 2,110 0.8
West Hill Collegiate Institute* 51,974 42,211 46,552 4,249 16,399 3,771 24,419 36,370 1.5

*Savings only for a partial year.


Average 1.05

The following letter accompanied the data provided above:

During early 1979 control improvements were carried out by your firm on a number of our schools. These schools are listed on the attached schedule which indicates the savings that have been achieved.For clarification purposes, it should be noted that:

  1. a) no allowance has been made for the fact it was 4.7% colder in 1980 than in 1979.b) The
    utility costs are 1979 actuals and no allowance has been made for escalation.c) The
    majority of the savings are undoubtedly higher as the modifications were not in effect for
    the entire year.d) We have assumed only 75% of the actual gas and electricity savings
    because of the sliding scale rate structures.
  2. e) Approximately $17,000. Is included in the cost of improvements at West Hill Collegiate for other work that was performed at the time aimed primarily at improving poor environmental conditions.

It is almost needless to say that we are very pleased with the results and the manner in which they were carried out.Yours very truly

J.R. Mazanik


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