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We are all becoming more and more familiar with technologies that reduce the amount of green house gases we produce.  The Hydraulic Displacement Motor is designed to do just that.  The fundamental science was patented in the 1800's.  The control strategy required to extract the free energy that results from the differential in efficiency between a conventional cylindrical actuator and the diamond shaped actuator was patented in 1999 by David Strain of APS.  Had these historical developments been adopted, rather than the combustion engine, the Industrial Revolution would have been very different.  This technology has the potential to change how we live and more importantly, help to change the negative impact we are having on the environment.

Key Benefits

Revolutionary green technology
Significant reduction in pollution
Health and environmental benefits for us and our children

This technology can be somewhat overwhelming as it contradicts some long held beliefs.  What we need to keep in mind is that at some point we thought the Earth was flat.  At some point we didn't have the telephone.  At some point we didn't have computers. The limits of what we think is possible are challenged and changed all the time.  To help people ease into understanding this new technology we are presenting several different perspectives including the fundamental science, a simple explanation, actuator differential relationships and an approach to assessing this new technology .  You can also view historical, similar patented technology.  We have also provided some of the views of top scientists and engineers who have evaluated Hydraulic displacement motor and a letter of support.  We have also included a brief description of Thermodynamics and W = PV, W ≠ PV as it relates to the Hydraulic Displacement Motor. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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